CamBam - Download and Installation


CamBam is a .NET application so will require at least .NET Framework 2 for it to work.

The latest .NET framework can be downloaded here.

If you have problems with the MSI installer, download and unzip this setup program into the same folder as the MSI file and run setup.exe.
If problems persist, try downloading the binary only release.

Run the installer program and follow any on screen instructions.

Once installed I recomend you take a moment to look at Getting Started.

Latest Stable Version (29 August 2007)

CamBam Beta 0.8 Release 2 MSI Installer (674KB) build 2797.19897

celtic flower

More information on changes and new features in this release can be found on the CamBam forum...

Many thanks to...
All the CamBam death wish beta release testers and all the members of the CamBam forum.

Previous Stable Version (28 May 2007)

CamBam Beta 0.8 Release 1 MSI Installer (524KB) build 2703.41827
CamBam Beta 0.8 Release 1 binary files only (202KB) build 2703.41827

New features include:

  • More colour config options (can do dark on light background now)
  • Toolpaths to polylines
  • Line only gcode output option (no arcs)
  • More drilling options including G81,G82,G83 and spiral milling
  • Many thanks to...
    MrBean for ongoing testing, support, graphics and web mangling.
    Zongo for testing and feedback from a prototype engineer's perspective.

    Documentation of new features and online support appearing soon! (sleep permitting)

    Download Older Version

    CamBam Beta 0.8 Release 0 MSI Installer (524KB) build 2670.16786
    CamBam Beta 0.8 Release 0 binary files only (202KB) build 2670.16786

    This CamBam release incorporates a number of new features and bug fixes but has had little thorough testing.

    New features include:

  • Rudimentary CAD funcationality (it will improve!)
  • Easier units selection
  • CAM Templates
  • Pretty Icons!
  • Even Older Versions

    CamBam Beta 0.7 Release 7 MSI Installer (518KB) build 2365.41807
    CamBam Beta 0.7 Release 7 binary files only (192KB) build 2365.41807

    This version now supports pocketing and drilling machining operations.
    Text pocketing is also now much simpler.

    New tutorials are available to describe pocketing and drilling.