10Bull's Blog

Things are a bit hectic for me at the moment. There are less than two months two weeks!!! to go until a new baby arrives in our household. Life is a madhouse as I try to juggle several house projects, family, full-time++ job and rabid imagination. Here are few write ups of some of more more interesting projects on the boil.
As always, feedback is welcomed.

Get a little dirt on your hands... [Mar 2007]

As if I didn't have enough to do, spring has well and truly sprung and the allotment needs seeing to.

Eureka! The "One Penny" Touch Probe [Dec 2006]

After being both inspired and frustrated with a home made Renishaw type touch probe I came up with a simpler alternative. One that could be made with minimal tools, be more reliable, adjustable and above all, (eventually) look sweet!.

Homemade "Bus Shelter" Awning [Nov 2006]

I'm just finishing off a 4m^2 awning made from galvanised scaffolding tubes, kee-klamps and polycarbonate. My wife calls it 'The bus' shelter, in what I take to be an endearing tone of voice. As in "Oooh...look at that lovely bus shelter!".

Death of a Piano [Oct 2006]

I had an interesting weekend the other weekend. I dismembered a rather unfortunate 115 year old piano in our front room. Partly because it was in the way but also because I want to make a new bed for me and my wife. It got a little creepy.

10bulls' Christmas Tail [Dec 2005]

10bulls decides to invent to world's greatest battery powered, stepper motor driven, PIC controlled, CNC built mouse trap to rid himself of a pesky rodent.