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Homemade CNC Router / Mill


Here are some examples of the work I've managed to coax out my router.

For many of us, this will be the first thing we make with our machines...a 2D plotter. This is perfectly natural and is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Face is a well known gcode file that was the first proper 3D thing I made on my router. I was well chuffed when I got to that stage.

This keyring was a present for my wife and the first 3D design I made from start to finish whilst trying to get my head around the quagmire of CAD / CAM software options.

I finally cracked milling aluminium and made this tool mount for the die grinder spindle. The machine is now at a stage where it can help to build itself. Yay!
The alumnium was cut with single flute TCT router bits from screwfix.

Not very exciting, but I managed to cut out these fan holes through an old PC case that houses my driver electronics. Ability to cut steel was a pleasant surprise. I used a 4 flute end mill to cut this.

Cutting perspex to make a mouse trap...why not?

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What most of us will end up making a lot of...

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