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Homemade CNC Router / Mill

A revolution is taking place.  Plumeting hardware and software costs, coupled with a blooming online CNC community eager to share and help, have put CNC in the hands of the homebuilder and garage hacker.
Be part of the rise of the machines!

Improvements to CNC MkI machine [July 2007].

CNC self improvement is definetly in full swing.  Slow and puny M8 leadscrews, ever increasing backlash and geared down belt drive have now been resolved with some CNC crafted M12 leadscrews and AB nuts.

Homemade CNC Router / Mill

It may not look much, but I'm rather proud of my first homemade CNC router. It was a huge learning curve, incorporating machining, electronics, and a labyrynth of CAD/ CAM software. Here are a few notes about how and why I built this machine like I did, what it can do and document some improvements to it I plan to make in the near future [watch this space!].

The sordid details of what I was going through when building this are blogged here on the wonderful cnczone.

Description of components:

Frame Rods and bearings Lead screw drive Motors and drives

CNC Novice's Adventures in Cutting Steel [May 2007].

Despite making a large dent in my tooling collection, I have made some hard won progress in my further attempts to work with steel plate on my homemade CNC machine.

Improvements to CNC MkI machine [Mar 2007].

In a bid to squeeze a little more life out of my Mk I CNC machine I have embarked on a number of improvements. I have added an oil water coolant system which has enabled me to drill and mill 10mm or more steel plate which I am exceedingly pleased about as a number of machine possibilities now present themselves.

Eureka! The "One Penny" Touch Probe [Dec 2006]

After being both inspired and frustrated with a home made Renishaw type touch probe I came up with a simpler alternative. One that could be made with minimal tools, be more reliable, adjustable and above all, (eventually) look sweet!.


CamBam is a free, experimental, CAD/CAM helper program I have developed.  It can generate g-code from DXF drawings and text engraving code from True Type Fonts (TTF).  It is fully scriptable using Visual Basic or Javascript and can also be used to preview g-code files.  Please feel free to try it out and let me know what you think.